Stay nourished when the temperature drops

Can you feel the chill? Winter has arrived! When the temperatures drop and the sun sets early, there’s nothing we love more than staying in and indulging in a night of self-care. Our Scent and Nourish by The NOW collections are designed to help you unwind and bring that tranquil, vacation state of mind any time of the year. To help get glowing this winter, we created the ultimate relaxation ritual that will leave you refreshed and relaxed all season long.

Before you bathe or shower, use the Copper Dry Brush for a quick daily detox. Copper works to neutralize negative ions and counter the effects of digital technology, leaving you peaceful and refreshed. Dry brushing also increases circulation and lymphatic clearing, which supports detoxification, boosts immunity, reduces cellulite, and exfoliates for smooth, glowing skin. Using long, smooth strokes on dry skin, start at your feet and brush upwards toward your heart.

Next, run a bath and add a few drops of the Classic Body Oil, which is made with regenerative rosehip, prickly pear seed oil and anti-inflammatory reishi extract. The uplifting scent and nourishing jojoba and coconut oils are perfect for giving your bath a boost.

Post bath, massage the Classic Body Oil onto damp skin for next level moisturizing benefits. While it sets, apply a Refresh Eye Mask. The soothing hydrogel mask fight crows feet and dark circles while Vitamin B and antioxidants brighten, smooth and hydrate. Wear them for 15 minutes or longer. Pat any extra serum on the skin for maximum results.

For added moisture, our Classic Body Lotion is great to use throughout the day. Keep it on your desk  or at your sink and use it as a hand cream to keep your hands soft and smooth. The extra water content in the lotion seals in the hydration for soft, glowing skin that lasts all day long with no sticky residue.

If you need some focused muscle relief after a long day, use our Gua Sha tools to soothe any tense muscles. Massage the Classic Body Lotion with a rose quartz Gua Sha tool into the muscles in an upward motion towards the heart. Gua Sha lifts and firms skin, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, releases stagnant energy and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Before you head to sleep, remember to apply the Classic Lip Salve. Packed with Vitamin E, carrot seed, camu camu and ashwagandha, you’ll wake up with lips that feel soft, smooth and restored. Rub any extra salve onto your cuticles to nourish and protect your nails.

This self-care ritual is designed to help keep your skin glowing and body grounded and relaxed. It’s also perfect for hectic times, post travel or whenever you need a boost to feel centered and calm.