Herbal Heat Therapy

Warm Up While You Wind Down

When temperatures drop in sunny Los Angeles (yes, it happens), our favorite way to warm up is by adding Herbal Heat Therapy to a massage! However, this enhancement isn’t just about getting that summer state of mind anytime- it’s also great for sore muscles, arthritis, achy joints, and even tension headaches and migraines. Targeted heat therapy dilates blood vessels, allowing  blood to easily flow to any problem areas or spots that need special attention for quick and lasting relief.

During your treatment, your massage therapist will apply a gently weighted heated pad to your the trapezoid area of your back for ten minutes in the face down position, and again on your abdomen while you’re laying on your back. The heat both soothes muscles and prepares them for the massage, ensuring you get the maximum benefits. Heat therapy also helps remove toxins and repairs over-stressed joints, while providing a deep sense of relaxation.

Our Herbal Heat packs are filled with 12 herbs, including flax seeds (which conduct heat), lavender, and valerian root. Your expert massage therapist will also work with you during your treatment to use the pads and customize the enhancement to your needs, ensuring you leave feeling calm and restored. This is the perfect enhancement when you want to warm up while you wind down!