Our favorite travel tips

Hitting the road this holiday? From long drives to red eye flights, we know that travel can be stressful. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your self-care routine at home when you’re out of town. We put together some simple tips to help you relax, reset and recharge no matter where your holiday takes you. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: 

It’s not always easy to control what you consume when you’re on the road, but one thing you don’t want to skip out on is drinking plenty of water. Poor circulation and low humidity on airplanes means that flying can dehydrate you quickly, causing fatigue, headaches and dull skin. “Everything in your body needs hydration to function the right way,” says dietician and nutritionist Amy Shapiro. “Traveling can make you feel run down and expose you to germs that can make you sick, drinking water helps to flush out those toxins”. Infusing your water with lemon, cucumber, or mint is a great way to give yourself something refreshing to sip on during your next plane ride or road trip. 

If you want to put your water to work, we love Nuun hydration tablets, which you can add to your drink for an extra dose of electrolytes and antioxidents that support immunity, lower stress and even help you sleep. 

Stretch it Out:

Long flights and cramped car seats can lead to sore muscles that put a damper on your trip. 

Jules O’Keefe, Lead Massage Therapist at The NOW West Hollywood, has a few suggestions of stretches to de-stress on the go:

If you’re flying:

Stretching and airplane seats don’t always make for a great match, but you don’t have to spend your time in the air feeling tense. During your flight, take a few minutes to drop your shoulders and rotate your neck back and forth, from ear to shoulder. Remember to take deep breaths while you stretch to help relax the mind and the body. 

If you’re driving:

Driving can put stress on your trapezoids and create knots in the shoulders. For a quick and easy stretch you can do once you’ve arrived, rotate your shoulders forward and lean into the corner of a solid wall. Roll back and forth to address trigger points in the upper back. 

Don’t forget to book a restorative massage when you return to help you unwind and recharge while you get back to your routine. 

Pack Smart: 

Strategic packing is a great way to take part of your routine with you wherever you go. We created our Nourish and Scent by The NOW lines to bring a dose of The NOW with you when you travel. Our go-to travel kit includes:

Classic Lip Salve: Our secret for soft lips is sleek enough to keep in your pocket, purse or in the car for touch ups anywhere. 

Jasmine Coconut Room Elixir: The intoxicating scent is like a vacation in a bottle, regardless of your destination. Use it to clear out stale energy from a hotel room or in the car for an uplifting road ritual. Bonus-the 100 ML size is TSA approved, so you can pack it in your carry on! 

Lavender Essential Oil: A few drops of soothing Lavender oil is deeply relaxing—great for calming nerves pre-takeoff. We recommend Naturopathica’s organic blend. The rich aroma is also great when you need some help getting to sleep. 

Refresh Eye Mask: Our Refresh Eye Masks are formulated to brighten and hydrate, which means they’re the perfect companion on a long flight. The transparent non slip hydrogel patches will also stay put when you drive, so you’ll arrive at your destination looking refreshed and ready to celebrate.