The NOW Massage Style

Our Signature Massage for Rest and Relaxation

The NOW massage is a rejuvenating, calming massage designed to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and increase general well being. 

At The NOW, guests can choose between three signature massage styles and pair their service with a variety of custom enhancements. The Swedish-inspired options include: The NOW, a Therapeutic Massage; The HEALER, an energy-balancing Relaxation Massage; and The STRETCH, a Sports Inspired Massage. All of our massages include complimentary lavender aromatherapy known to calm the mind. 

The NOW, our signature massage modality, offers a variety of therapeutic benefits to help you unwind and relax. Following are some of the reasons The NOW may be the right massage for you.

Treat Stress and Tension

The NOW service is designed to help relieve stress and tension in your body. Your massage therapist will use long, gliding strokes to help release the tension in your muscles and promote total relaxation.

Improve Sleep 

One of the most significant benefits of The NOW massage service is its ability to help manage sleep disruption. A soothing massage can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This is ideal for those who are suffering from anxiety or have racing thoughts. We suggest booking your service in the evening if you are suffering from sleep related issues.

Immune Support 

Massage has been shown to boost the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells. Be sure to book The NOW if you are traveling, feeling run down or for seasonal immune system support. Do not book if you are already feeling sick or displaying symptoms. 

Reduce Pain 

The NOW can help treat pain by releasing tension in your muscles. Typically people carry stress in their shoulder or have lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day. The NOW can be especially beneficial for relaxing tired and sore muscles.

Overall, The NOW massage service is an excellent way to promote relaxation, relieve stress and tension, and improve your overall health and well-being. 

*When searching for the best “Relaxing Massage Near Me” or “Restorative Massage,” choose The NOW Massage for a total mind & body reset.

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