Something for everyone NOW

Coming into The NOW is about more than just relieving muscle tension—it’s a full sensory experience that helps you escape the stress of everyday life and get into a vacation state of mind (even if it’s just for an hour). Scent is one of the most powerful ways we connect to the world around us, with the power to transport us to another place and time. In fact, research has shown that smell is the sense most significantly connected to the part of the brain that stores memories, which is why a whiff of a certain perfume or essential oil can trigger a major walk down memory lane. 

We know how important it is to use scent to evoke a sense of relaxation and bliss, which is why we keep our Jasmine Coconut Candles burning in our boutiques every day. With sustainable pure coconut and palm wax and soft notes of Jasmine, it’s our signature scent and sells out regularly. Andrew Cinnamon, Co-founder and Creative Director of creative agency and perfumer Cinnamon Projects, believes that “Selecting personal scents is akin to discovering one’s mantras. Individual notes and combinations unite with memories to provoke personal meaning. Scent is a tool for elevating your personal ritual.”

Because your signature scent should be as unique as you are, check out our breakdown of the fragrance families you’ll need to know to find yours NOW:

Nature Lover

Is daydreaming in a sunny meadow your idea of relaxation? Does the smell of fresh-cut grass make you feel inspired? If so, you’ll want to look for “green” fragrances, those that are fresh, earthy, or leafy. Green scents are great in the summer, or if you like a lighter accent that doesn’t feel overwhelming. 

Look for: Green tea, lemongrass, basil, juniper

Lost in the Woods 

If you’re still in love with the outdoors but prefer to keep things a little more mysterious, look to the forest for inspiration! Woody scents are still earthy in nature, but tend to be a bit heavier and more dramatic than the green variety. Our Scent by The NOW Santal Tobacco Room Elixir boasts rich cardamom and thyme, perfect for adding a dose of heady energy to your home.

Look for: Sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, patchouli 

Floral Inspiration

Whether your ideal bouquet is Roses, Hydrangea or Peonies, floral scents are generally popular with most. These scents are on the sweet end of the spectrum, and are often associated with spring, femininity and youth. Floral scents can also be deeply relaxing, which is why we start every massage with a soothing dose of lavender aromatherapy (which has been proven to reduce anxiety in clinical trials). 

Look for: Jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, lavender 

Far-East Escape

Maybe you’re looking for something a little bit more enigmatic in your signature scent. If you’re attracted to depth, smokiness, and complexity, an exotic scent might be for you. Exotic scents balance heavy base notes like musk or vanilla with lighter, spicy accents like cinnamon or clove. For a rich, intoxicating scent with an energy clearing boost, try our Scent by The NOW Frankincense Incense. 

Look for: Cinnamon, musk, clove, amber

Freshly Picked

Citrus scents are like sunshine in a bottle. Fragrances in this family are usually associated with optimism and brightness-a breath of fresh air! Uplifting citrus scents can range from sweet to tart and are versatile enough to go from work to the beach, to sample one check out the Golden Neroli from Abel we carry at the boutiques and online.

Look for: Orange, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit

NOW that you know what to look for, finding your new signature scent will be a breeze. And when in doubt, our Scent by The NOW collection has something for everyone.