Small changes for your (Home) workplace wellbeing

Work from home offers benefits – in times of necessity, as well as choice – but with it also comes new challenges. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you feel balanced and well when working from home:  

Create Good Micro Habits

So much of wellness is about small, daily habits. The tasks we suggest below are attainable and simple, yet sometimes still hard to implement. We read Atomic Habits by James Clear, and it was helpful in thinking about the tiny, “atomic” changes we can make to optimize wellness in work, life, family and other areas of our busy, demanding lives. 

Stop & (don’t) Think

Meditation + mindfulness practices help with stress management while also improving focus and efficiency. Keep it simple with guided meditations from Headspace to help you get in a routine. Most importantly? Start small: even 5 minutes each day will make a difference. 

Get Moving

This is a simple, back to basics tip that stands the test of time: move your body as often as possible. Little changes like standing during a phone call, stretching during a lunch break, or doing a few jumping jacks whenever you feel distracted will wake up your brain, burn calories and ease stress. Try the “cross-crawl,” you can read more about this fascinating, science-backed practice that boosts memory, energy, creativity and whole-brain thinking here

Sound Control

Working from home might mean occasional interference from family members, kids and roommates. When things get a bit noisy, noise-canceling headphones come to the rescue to eliminate distractions, calm a racing mind and get to work on our to-do list. 

Support Your Spine

Standing desks are available in many office settings, but might be less realistic for your home workspace. Instead, opt for a laptop riser, keyboard, and mouse to align your neck, shoulders and spine during desk work. You’ll make your massage therapist proud!

Indulge Deskside

We’re in the business of making elevated wellness available for everyone, so you can count on us to upgrade your home workspace, too. A staple like our aromatherapeutic Classic Body Lotion is a deskside indulgence that will ease stress and clear your mind (while softening your skin, of course). Add a crystal for some sparkle and high vibe influence, spritz your space with our Jasmine Coconut Room Elixir to keep the energy clear and aroma fresh, and light one of our best-selling signature candles to truly bring the NOW into your home. 

So NOW what? Try one! Start simple and make it a regular practice. You’ll enjoy the benefits and eventually want to try more. When stress runs high and you need some extra support, head to our Instagram page where we are always sharing tips and insights on how to stay in the NOW.