Bring the healing power of crystals to your next massage

We love crystals, which is apparent in the custom designed crystal grids and curated selection of stones we offer in each of our boutiques. While they may be beautiful as accessories, crystals are also known to influence your energy with their distinct qualities. For example, Rose Quartz carries with it the vibration of love! It will help you open your heart chakra so that you can experience more love (for yourself and others) in your life. 

Chakras are energy centers in the body that work together to keep you physically and energetically aligned. There are seven chakras, each governing different aspects of your body and energy:

Root Chakra: Trust, safety, and security. Located at the base of your spine. 

Color: Red.

Crystal Used: Hematite – protective, grounding and balancing. 

Sacral Chakra: Creativity, pleasure, and digestion. Located in your lower belly area. 

Color: Orange.

Crystal Used: Tiger’s Eye – emotional balance, sensuality and creativity.

Solar Plexus: Motivation, confidence, and personal power. Located in the stomach area. 

Color: Yellow.

Crystal Used: Citrine – success, prosperity and wealth. 

Heart Chakra: Love and compassion. Located at your heart center. 

Color: Green or Pink. 

Crystal Used: Rose Quartz – love, compassion and happiness.

Throat Chakra: Communication, truth, self-expression. Located at the throat. 

Color: Blue.

Crystal Used: Angelite – communication, channeling and mediumship.

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, imagination. Located between the eyebrows. 

Color: Purple.

Crystal Used: Amethyst – tranquility, balance and peace.

Crown Chakra: Spirituality, consciousness. Located at the top of the head. 

Color: White. 

Crystal Used: Apophyllite – spirituality, intelligence and deep thought. 

At The NOW we’ve created the Crystal Healing Enhancement to give you a full energetic tune-up during your massage treatment. Doing so facilitates healing by clearing any blocks or imbalances so that your energy can flow freely. You’ll experience vitality, alleviation of emotional stress, and a sense of being more centered in your body, mind, and spirit. 

Clients love this enhancement so much we created a take-home Chakra Healing Crystal Kit that includes all the crystals we use during your treatment. Excellent for grounding your energy at home and small enough to take with you while traveling. It will support your wellness and help you feel centered and calm wherever you go. 

Book your next massage NOW and experience the healing power of this custom enhancement!