Tips for feeling good year-round

At The NOW we say summer is a state of mind anytime, but shifting into autumn can have its challenges. The change in season comes with colder weather, shorter days and a return to our typical (often indoor) routine. We prefer to look at fall as an opportunity to refocus, get centered and find new ways to recharge. Below are a few simple tips to help keep your spirits high, soul centered and mind “in the NOW” all season long.

Boost Your Morning Beverage

We look forward to our morning beverage (our favorite? Canyon Coffee) and are always finding ways to plus it up! We love to add different supplements like: Mucuna from Sun Potion for a boost of feel-good dopamine, Moon Juice Power Dust for an energizing daily lift or mushroom powders from Four Sigmatic to keep our immune system in top shape.

Up Your Vitamin D Intake

With shorter days and more time indoors, Vitamin D producing sun exposure can be in short supply. That’s bad news for your mood and immune system, so in addition to getting sunlight whenever you can supplementing it is a must. We are hooked on Ritual’s Essential Vitamins – they have a minty taste and provide a full dose of Vitamin D daily.

Get Grounded

According to Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal system, autumn is the season of wind. That means we can feel upheaval the same way fall leaves get blown around by brisk air. Simple practices can help you navigate the transition. One of our favorites is a visit to the farmers market to stock up on seasonal fresh foods that help you stay grounded, like apples and root veggies. Having a daily practice such as meditation or earthing (the practice of putting your feet in the ground/soil every day) is also said to help you get centered and pull energy away from a racing mind.

Move Your Body

Exercise is essential all year long, but especially in the fall as you adjust to the changing season and schedule. Get an uplifting dose of endorphins and reconnect with your body through a sweat session. Try something new and challenging, like  LEKFit which you can stream online, or get outside with a heart-pumping hike.

Sunlight Therapy

It’s never too soon to start using an indoor Sunlight Therapy lamp – it got The NOW team through a dreary spring, and we’ll be using it again in the winter months. Set it up on your desk at work or switch it on during your morning meditation. Light therapy provides exposure to full-spectrum light that is thought to increase the brain’s production of chemicals that have a positive, feel-good impact on mood.

Rest & Recharge

Most importantly, take advantage of the change in season to recommit to your massage routine. Book your treatments ahead of time and build into your schedule a time to rest and recharge. Sign up for The NOW’s Ritual Membership and receive member pricing and monthly member’s only gifts – it’s the membership that has your back NOW & Always.