Clear your space this season

With back-to-school and work in full swing, and the fall equinox around the corner, we looked for expert insight on how to capitalize on this transformational time of year and set the tone for success at work and at home.

September traditionally represents a time of slowing down and nesting before cooler days ahead, but life in the city rarely affords us that opportunity. NOW Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Gara Post, wanted to refocus her energy and set the tone at home for what is always a busy time of year in her household.

We reached out to our in-house crystal expert Colleen McCann of Style Rituals to see how she suggests transitioning from summer, setting intentions, and clearing your surroundings to bring in new, positive energy for the hectic months ahead.

Colleen, an intuitive and trained Shaman, did a reading of Gara’s home to learn what type of ritual to curate for the space. She found that the energy in the Post household was clear, positive, and without stagnancy, so they went into the session with the intent of energizing the space so the family would feel supported, restored and confident.

Colleen led the family in a Shamanic Despacho Ceremony – a symbolic offering of intentions and prayers upon a shared altar – as well as a Flower Blessing in every room. This set the tone for a happy return to school and work.

We did a Q&A with Gara & Colleen on what tools were used for the ritual, what the experience was like for Gara and how to clear your own space this season and help elevate the energy in your surroundings.


Which tools did you use for the Post house?

We chose the SHAMANIC ENERGY DUSTING ritual, a practice that can be used alongside traditional tools for clearing energy in homes, like sage etc. 

The practice below is utilized  to wake up, energize & bless the space.  You could actually include this as one of the ways to re-energize your own space for fall. The formula contains:


1.  Water + Isopropyl Alcohol (base)

2. Frankincense

3. Spikenard


1. Water + Witch Hazel (base)

2. Pure Rose Oil

3. Water


What was your favorite part of the experience with Colleen?

Experiencing the energy clearing ceremony at home for the first time with my 9 year old daughter, who is also very interested in crystals and cleansing rituals was really great. She has absorbed a lot being around The NOW boutiques and was eager to take part and meet Colleen.  We created a “potion” that consisted of flowers and essential oils. Once we cleared the space it was time to welcome in the positive energy. I felt a deeper sense of calm, after we had finished and the symbolic nature for my daughter was important as well, to know you can reset and start new, let go of any negative feelings. All great messages for moving forward in life.


What are some tips for our readers/clientele on how to invigorate their own space for fall?

  • We hold so much energy where we store our clothing. An easy way to invigorate the space for fall would be to organize & clean out your closet.  Bring fall items to the front, discard any items that are worn or don’t fit. 
  • Open all the doors & windows to your space & work with a sacred cleansing herb like sage, palo santo or copal to energetically clear & re-energize.
  • Rearrange your altar aka sacred space.  PRO TIP: Remove everything from the surface & clean with an organic product. Then redesign the area based on what you are CURRENTLY working on personally or would like to call in for the fall season.


Which tools do you typically use at home to get rid of stagnant energy/ set new intentions etc?

I’m a big fan of palo santo as I absolutely love the smell.  I also use sage bundles and Scent by The NOW Room Elixirs and Incense which are both infused with the clearing power of sage. 


What is your favorite tool for clearing energy in someone’s home? 

Crystals of course! Selenite works like an energetic air purifier in the home. PRO TIP: Place Selenite in places where dense energy tends to collect or hide like under the bed, shoe boxes, storage closets & corners of the room.


Do you incorporate these rituals at NOW Boutiques as well?

Yes, we cleanse all our boutiques every day before we open or close to help get rid of any stagnant energy.


What are mistakes people typically make that can block good energy, keep them from moving forward? 

We can be our own worst enemy with negative self-talk & limiting beliefs. Instead lets be our biggest cheerleader! PRO TIP: Working with a simple mantra daily like I AM WORTHY, I AM MAGNETIC, I AM HAPPY. EXTRA CREDIT: Look at yourself in the mirror while you repeat your mantra or close your eyes & envision how you personally embody the mantra you have connected with.

Set your intention to stay grounded all season long and book yourself a series of massages NOW. You can also shop the boutiques for energy clearing products from our Scent by and Room by The NOW signature lines, and find the entire curated boutique online NOW & Always.