The best enhancement for your sign

We all know that people go through the world a bit differently based on their zodiac sign, so why should their massage preference be any different? Your body, like your astrological sign, has a specific set of characteristics. Understanding both can help you target your true self and what’s best for you to unwind.

A good massage can offer a variety of benefits, from healing muscle aches to reducing stress, and adding an enhancement to your treatment is a great way to tailor the experience to you. Whether you’re a fire sign and need to cool down, or an earth sign hoping to de-stress, we created a guide to the best massage enhancements for everyone based on their star sign.

Deep Tissue: Scorpio

Scorpios have a reputation for being intense, but it’s just because they know the importance of getting deep. A therapeutic Deep Tissue enhancement is perfect for this tough on the outside, sensitive on the inside water sign.

Herbal Heat Therapy: Taurus, Cancer

Taurus is a sign that is both grounded and sensual, they appreciate the good things in life. The sign of the bull would love to sink into a deep Herbal Heat Therapy enhancement that stimulates the senses and relaxes the muscles. Caretaker Cancer is known for being nurturing, but they often forget that it’s ok to put themselves first. This sensitive sign could benefit from Herbal Heat Therapy as well, to help ease their stress and anxiety.

Scalp Renewal: Leo, Libra

Leo is the sign of the lion, so it’s important to take care of that mane! Libras also know the importance of luxe locks, as their sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. They may be ruled by different elements (Fire and Air, respectively), but both signs would love the hydrating and stimulating Scalp Renewal enhancement.

Gua Sha: Pisces, Aquarius

Did you know that Pisces is the most psychic sign in the zodiac? They are also natural healers, which can be draining. Gua Sha is a technique derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine which stimulates the flow of fresh energy (aka qi) while relieving stiffness and fatigue, giving this water sign the boost they need. Aquarians love to experiment and try new things, so a treatment that gives them the chance to explore a different culture is particularly appealing. Restorative Gua Sha is also a great option for keeping that inquisitive Aquarian mind open.

Crystal Healing: Sagittarius, Gemini

Sagittarians are born philosophers, always looking for the answers of the universe. Crystal Healing, which connects mind and body, would definitely appeal to this fire sign. This enhancement is also great for reducing stress, which can help calm that overactive Gemini mind.

Muscle Recovery: Aries

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is always raring to go. This passionate fire sign is energetic, which often translates to athletics (all that energy has to go somewhere!). Adding a muscle recovery balm, made with cooling menthol and warming capsicum, soothes and heals tired muscles so they’ll be back on the field in no time.

Fresh Eyes: Virgo, Capricorn

These earth signs are known for being diligent. Virgos are all about the details, spotting typos like it’s their job. Capricorns, meanwhile, have the kind of work ethic that keeps the rest of the zodiac inspired. Both signs could benefit from a Fresh Eyes enhancement, which reduces swelling and redness from exhausted eyes after a day of proofreading.

No matter what your sign, everyone can agree on the benefits of a healing restorative massage. Don’t wait, book your next appointment NOW and try one of the suggested enhancements above for next level relaxation!