Your new go to detoxifying ritual

At The NOW, we advocate for any wellness ritual that helps us feel and look our best. When our CCO Gara Post had her first “Essential” treatment at Ricari Studios, she couldn’t wait to spread the word about its benefits, and why incorporating it into your wellness routine can offer a much needed seasonal boost to your current monthly massage ritual.

The lymphatic system is integral to staying healthy – first because it is the main function for transporting white blood cells throughout the body (the fighters of our immune system) and second because it plays a crucial role in carrying toxicity out of the body. Keeping your lymphatic system functioning optimally will help you feel lean, energetic and fight off colds, flu and allergies.

Our lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump (like the heart for the circulatory system). This means manual lymphatic stimulation helps boost lymphatic function. Rituals like a Deep Tissue massage, Dry Brushing, Gua Sha and a heart-pumping cardio workout all support lymphatic movement and speed up detoxification to flush toxins from the body.

So why get both The NOW massage and lymphatic drainage focused treatment? Your massage is the foundation of your wellness routine and addresses the personalized issues best met by the support of your expert massage therapist; pain management, postural imbalances from sitting at your desk, an injury or muscle tension from your workout routine and managing general relaxation and stress can all be improved from monthly massage treatments.

An occasional Lymphatic drainage treatment is a great compliment to this routine. The high-tech machines used (such as those from endermologie or icoone) are specifically developed to move lymphatic fluid. It uses suction while your practitioner glides a tool over the body with special attention to lymph nodes and problem areas. Sounds simple, but the effect boosts blood flow, stimulates circulation, encourages detox, and leaves you feeling slim, relaxed and energized. All reasons why the treatment has become a celebrity must-have before red carpet and runway appearances!

As you might expect, here in LA we have a multitude of options for various styles of Lymphatic Drainage treatments. Gara personally gets treated by, Anna Zahn of Ricari Studios (a regular at The NOW). Other lymphatic treatments to explore include those at Shape House with their lymphatic focused sweat treatments, Lisa Levitt Gainsley who is an expert in lymphatic health, and Love Your Body Endermologie with locations around LA.

We love finding new and unique body work options that give us a boost before a big trip, event or for a seasonal reset. Keeping up with the fast pace of life in Los Angeles can make even the most type A personality feel overwhelmed and tired. It’s important to schedule a monthly massage and book yourself to an extra special treatment on occasion to feel re-energized and ready to take on life in the city.

Book your next massage and take the first step to feeling better NOW.