Tips to stay sane NOW & through the holiday

Life today is full, constantly connected and busier than ever. Our phones are buzzing 24/7 and it can feel like we are always working and always available. With the holidays upon us, that everyday stress can be thrown into overdrive. For many people, “the most wonderful time of the year” can actually be a recipe for tension and anxiety.

Luckily, it’s possible to keep up with everything going on and not get wrapped up in constant worry. Taking some time for yourself goes a long way and will help you have more energy, be more efficient and keep pace with the fullness of your life.

We’ve collected our favorite ways to stay in The NOW this season, no matter how busy your life gets.

Schedule It:

Commit to some time for yourself by booking massages in advance. We suggest a twice-monthly appointment so that you can feel your best all month long. In fact, we designed our Ritual Membership to encourage you to carve out time for yourself in the least stressful manner. If you don’t use your monthly massages you can roll them over–or even share with a friend. Now that’s what we call paying it forward.

Home Ritual:

We understand that sometimes a hectic schedule makes it impossible to get into one of our boutiques. We created our Nourish, Room and Scent by The NOW products for establishing an elevated at home self-care ritual. One routine we love is lighting the signature Coconut Jasmine candle, putting a Silk Herbal Wrap over the eyes, and meditating with a favorite crystal for a whole-body reset. It’s a surefire way to recenter your nerves and soothe anxiety anytime you start to feel stressed. If you’re new to meditation, apps like Calm and Headspace are an easy way to get started. Even a five minute guided meditation can go a long way to boosting your zen.

Stay Active:

Holiday parties, travel, and changes to your schedule can throw your routine into a tailspin this time of year, causing you to feel unbalanced and overwhelmed. Carving out time to exercise is an important way to stay sane! Invite your friends to your favorite workout class for extra motivation, or set your alarm a bit earlier for a morning jog. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Regular exercise can increase self-confidence, it can relax you, and it can lower the symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety.” Plus, sticking to a routine now can help you ease into the New Year with confidence. 


After a long day, taking time to unwind is the best way to relieve stress. A bath time ritual soaks away tension so you can enjoy your evening or melt right into sleep, especially during these cold winter months. First, choose and light your favorite Scent by The NOW Incense. Then give yourself an end of day digital detox using our Copper Dry Brush. It generates negative ions which neutralize the energy emitted by digital devices, so you feel calm and refreshed. (Don’t forget to turn off your phone—too much screen time before bed can seriously disrupt your sleep!) Finally, add a few pumps of our Nourish by The NOW Body Oil to a warm bath. After a long soak, pat dry and massage any extra oil right into your skin.

Don’t let stress and anxiety overwhelm you this holiday and prevent you from enjoying all the fun to be had with friends, family and co-workers. Taking time to recharge with us will keep you feeling steady and calm NOW and into the new year.