We talked with LA based healer and tarot specialist, Ellen Bowles of Woke Mystic, for her insights on how to utilize tarot as a tool for mindfulness and self-reflection.

“Stability is cultivated from within, not from an outside force”


How can card reading help us practice mindfulness and self-reflection right NOW?

Divination (seeking knowledge of the future) is a great practice for mindfulness and self reflection! It connects you to your intuition and your Spirit Guides in a tangible way. It can help you find your focus for the next steps of your journey.


Why is it important to be in the NOW when pulling your cards?

If you aren’t in the NOW when practicing divination, your spreads can turn out erratic and inaccurate. Make sure you are grounded and in a calm mindset when pulling your cards. They are reading your energy, you want to be as clear as possible! 


Why do cards help us get new perspectives on situations and challenges in our lives?

Cards help you with seeing the bigger picture outside of your own perspective. They’re connected to energy we do not visibly see and have access to answers we haven’t discovered yet.


How do you create a mindfulness and self-reflection practice around the tarot?

Understand that the Tarot is a neutral modality that is reading off of the energy within you and surrounding you. It’s important to come to the Tarot with specific and clear questions. Be open to the answers you are given, they tell you what you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear! 


How are you embracing right NOW, and living fully during this time of uncertainty, change, and transition?

Connecting and grounding myself by spending time outdoors in nature and expressing gratitude and love to my friends and family. Time is too short, and it’s important to share that energy with them NOW. Also, remembering that stability is cultivated from within, not from outside forces.

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