Kara Griffin, Nutritionist + Health Coach from Feel This With Kara

Small changes can in fact deliver big results NOW. You don’t need an overhaul in January to find balance after holiday indulgences. Kara Griffin, an LA based nutritionist, shares her tips for getting back into your body and her approach features whole foods, joyful movement, and simple changes that help you feel your best, NOW & always.


After end of year overindulgence, why are simple changes enough to help your body return to balance?

Our bodies love being in balance, so they will do their best to bring us to homeostasis. Nudging them with gentle, simple actions is all we need because our bodies want to return to that place. Drastic measures like deprivation and restriction or implementing big, sweeping changes quickly usually do more harm than good.


What are the core elements you should focus on, nutritionally, to gently “reset” in the new year?

In terms of nutrition, focusing on anti inflammatory and detoxifying foods, not only for a reset but for everyday nutrition. Since the new year hits during winter, make sure you’re cooking your foods well to eat in alignment with the winter season. Additionally, daily movement (this doesn’t have to be a “workout), consistent good sleep, restorative self-care practices, and stress management help our body nutritionally as all these practices support digestion and optimize whole-body function and health. 


Why is getting calm and centered before eating so important for wellness?

Being calm and centered before eating allows us to consciously receive and perceive information from our bodies. When eating while rushed or stressed, we form negative food relationships and can’t hear our body’s feedback to learn which foods are our life-force lifting baes, and which foods make us feel less-than-stellar. Stress around eating can also increase cortisol levels, degrade digestive health, and enhance any underlying feelings of food guilt.


Tell us about your approach to movement; how can each person find the best form of exercise for their body?

Movement should always be joyful and fun. Turn to the movement that you love to do rather than what you “should” do. This will ensure you keep returning to it, allowing it to become part of your routine health and happiness, NOW & always. 


How are you embracing right NOW, and living fully during this time of uncertainty, change, and transition?

“One day at a time” has never been more accurate – I personally love structure, so I’ve been creating that for myself wherever I can but also practicing radical compassion if things don’t go as planned. I am a big journaler, and this has been especially important for me to help process everything that’s going down. Most importantly, I practice gratitude.