Seasonal changes typically usher in new rituals that help us mark the passing of time. With the standard trademarks of September, such as buying new school clothes or planning end of summer parties put on hold, we can feel unmoored from the things that give closure and presence to the seasons of life. However, what those rituals create is a sense of groundedness and connection within ourselves, our community, and with nature. 

With that in mind, we talked with Mariah Lyons, an intuitive channeler and expert in earthing, crystal healing, and herbalism, to give us insight on how to create new rituals to help us feel steady, grounded, and present NOW. 

  • What does it mean to “ground” ourselves?
    Grounding yourself energetically means coming back to center within, feeling fully present in your body and rooted into your Self. Being grounded physically means connection with the natural radiance of the earth.
  • How does grounding impact mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing?
    Energetically grounding oneself helps brings you to a state of expanded present awareness in the now moment. This helps to calm the nervous system and soothe anxiety and tension. It also can help you better handle stress and decisions that need to be made from a calm internal space rather than frantic or in a fight/flight/freeze response.
  • With the absence of our usual end of summer rituals, why is “grounding” more important than ever?
    Rituals can help to serve as anchor points, literally grounding us into a particular time and space. So in absence of our usual end of summer rituals, creating more grounding moments can help to facilitate the transition from one season to another while providing energetic support and strength in this time.

What are three different ways that we can “ground” ourselves NOW?

Connect to nature

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and find a tree. Stand near the trunk and place your hands on the trunk of the tree. Visualize the tree absorbing and cleansing any stress or stagnant energy within your body as it radiates back nourishing, supportive light into your hands. Fill your heart with gratitude for the tree and the shade it provides and oxygen it creates and send the gratitude to the tree. Enjoy a grounding moment giving and receiving energy with the tree.

Start the morning with a self-care ritual

  • Dry brush in the morning with our Copper Dry Brush and perform an oil ritual with Nourish by The NOW’s Body Oil on your body before getting into the shower. 

Give yourself a 5-10min self- massage as you perform your oil ritual. Tell your body “I love you” starting from your feet and telling each body part “Thank you,” and “I love you.” Notice being fully present in the now and how the body responds when you take a moment to send it love and gratitude. 

Create a nighttime crystal wind down 

  • Make sure that you dont have too many crystals in your bedroom so you can get a restful night sleep. 

Lay down and place a Lepidolite on your forehead, a Rose Quartz on your heart and a Smoky Quartz by your feet. Let the stress begin to lift from your body as you deepen your breath and fully relax. Stay here for 15-20 mins before heading to sleep.

Living fully in times of uncertainty means living in a state of trust, surrender and flow. With so much change there is also great potential for growth, expansion and new possibilities. When we are able to listen to our hearts, trust our own intuition and stay open to change we can see opportunity when it presents itself, especially if that new opportunity might look different than what we expected. Trust is truly the name of the game right now.