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If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your massage experience and take relaxation to the next level, the Hemp Calm Balm Enhancement is the perfect add on for you. This massage treatment utilizes the power of hemp extract to soothe sore muscles and calm your mind, leaving you feeling fully restored and refreshed.

What is Hemp Calm Balm?

Hemp Calm Balm is infused with hemp extract, derived from the hemp plant. Hemp extract contains cannabidiol (CBD), a natural compound known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When applied in service, it can help reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints, as well as soothe the skin and promote relaxation. CBD is not psychoactive so it won’t cause any “high”. 

What are the benefits?

Reduces Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp extract can help reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints, which is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain or conditions like arthritis.

Relieves Pain: Hemp extract is also known to help relieve pain, making it an ideal addition to any massage treatment. Whether you’re experiencing tension headaches or sore muscles, the Hemp Calm Balm Enhancement can help alleviate your pain.

Promotes Relaxation: In addition to its physical benefits, hemp extract can also help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. This makes the Hemp Calm Balm Enhancement a great option for anyone who wants to unwind and de-stress. It’s ideal for helping you to fully drop-in to a relaxed state and to help ease racing thoughts and ruminating minds.

Who Should Get Hemp Calm Balm Enhancement?

The Hemp Calm Balm Enhancement is suitable for anyone who wants a deeply relaxing, healing massage but it may be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety.

If you’re new to hemp extract or have any concerns, The NOW Massage Experience Guides are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine if the Hemp Calm Balm Enhancement is right for you.

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