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The Healer massage is a deeply grounding, energy balancing massage. Perfect to soothe a racing mind, and for those who want to unwind body and spirit. The NOW Massage boutiques are known for their calming and soothing aesthetic that transports guests to a state of pure relaxation. 

At The NOW, guests can choose between three signature massage styles and pair their service with a variety of custom enhancements. The Swedish-inspired options include: The NOW, a Therapeutic Massage; The HEALER, an energy-balancing Relaxation Massage; and The STRETCH, a Sports inspired Massage. All of our massages include complimentary lavender aromatherapy known to calm the mind. 

Curious about how to choose the right massage style for you? Here we will explore the many benefits of The Healer massage so that you can see why this modality is one of our most popular and most requested therapies. 

Stress Relief

Stress that is left unchecked can lead to many health problems. The Healer massage is designed to help guests reduce their stress levels and manage the symptoms of stress including panic attacks, fatigue, muscle aches and headaches. This massage technique uses long, flowing strokes and gentle pressure to release tension from the body, allowing guests to feel calmer and refreshed.

Pain Relief

The Healer massage can also provide pain relief for guests suffering from muscle tension, shoulder and lower back issues and more. Our highly skilled massage therapists will work on the areas of the body, using targeted pressure to release tension. This technique can be especially beneficial for those with sports injuries, muscle tension, back, shoulder and neck pain.

Improved Circulation

The Healer massage can also help improve circulation throughout the body. The long, flowing strokes stimulate blood flow, which can help deliver oxygen to the body’s tissues. Improved circulation can also help reduce inflammation and promote faster healing.

Regulating Mood

During a massage the body releases endorphins, leaving the guest feeling more relaxed, calm and regulated. The combination of massage techniques used during The Healer and the all-natural French Lavender oil, which delivers the added benefit of calming nerves and easing tension can help improve mood and promote a sense of general well-being.

Improved Sleep

Many guests report improved sleep after receiving The Healer massage which is why we suggest guests who are having sleep issues book an evening massage. 

The Healer by The NOW Massage offers a range of benefits for guests, including stress relief, pain relief, improved circulation, enhanced mood, and improved sleep. If you’re looking to reduce emotional stress, feel calmer and deepen self awareness The Healer massage is the right choice for you.

*When searching for the best “Healing Massage Near Me” or “Relaxing Massage,” choose The NOW Massage for a total mind & body reset.

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