focus and flow

If “focus” sounds like a distant dream, and “flow” an absolute luxury, we have a few tips to help you optimize your routine, rituals, and self-care to create more of both in your life. 

While multitasking and pushing through your endless to-do lists, family demands, and personal commitments might seem like the only way to fit it all, it can actually make you less efficient and at the end of the day leave you unsure where the time went. 

The concept of deep work emerged in response to this nearly universal experience. A few of the core tenants can be summarized as follows: scheduling time for your priorities, sticking to those time frames and blocking out any other distractions, and ending work at a set time. All of these will help you focus your attention and create a sense of flow in both your work and overall life.

We can help! The NOW was created as a way to efficiently rest and recharge in the midst of busy creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Taking time to rest makes you better at work, a better parent and partner, and healthier in mind, body, and spirit. This motivated us to create an oasis in the city that would allow you to commit to self-care as a part of daily life, so you can take a break and return with a fresh, clear mind and optimistic outlook. Our product line is an extension of this mission, and supports your at home and on-the-go relaxation and mindfulness rituals. 

Here are a few ways to structure you day for “deep work” and find more focus and flow:

Get Focused: Meditation + Scent by The NOW Room Elixir

Before you start on your to-do list, take a moment to focus your mind. We like guided meditations, breathwork sessions, or movement classes from Open, which has been compared to the Peleton of mindfulness and is sure to make as big an impact in the space. Before you begin, spritz your space with our Scent by the NOW Room Elixir in Jasmine Coconut or Santal Tobacco. Each is infused with energy clearing sage to move stagnant energy from your space while infusing it with the bliss inducing aromas of our signature scents. Once you are done with your mindfulness ritual you’ll be focused and ready to tackle your to-do list!

Transition Mindfully: Nourish by The NOW Hemp Calm Balm + Refresh Eye Masks

Our brains are known to work best in 90 minute intervals. So while you may block out extended time to get into a deep work flow, know that each 90 minutes should be broken up with a 20 minute brain break. Alternatively, plan to transition between tasks at the 90 minute mark and take a mindfulness break in between. Either way, intentionally recharging your brain will allow you to maintain high levels of concentration. When you break, step away from your computer, get outside, and dab some Nourish by The NOW Hemp Calm Balm on your neck, shoulders, and temples. Relax and breath slowly as you massage our elevated balm into your skin. It’s known as our “massage in a bottle” for good reason, and you’ll soon realize that you get the boost of a good massage each time you use it! Want to perk up even more? Our Nourish by The NOW Refresh Eye Masks are the perfect compliment. They’ll cool and hydrate your under eyes, clear any redness or puffiness, and leave you looking like you had a long nap. 

End The Day With Intention: Ritual Massage Membership 

Staying focused through a long day is made easier when you have a concrete end time. What’s even better is knowing your day will end with a much deserved massage! Make massage a part of your work flow strategy and your body, mind, and to-do list will reap the benefits. Our expert Massage Therapists often talk about the importance of commitment to a regular massage ritual. Working consistently with one of our expert Massage Therapists allows them to correct imbalances in your body, ease pain from old injuries, and help you build resistance to stress in everyday life. We make it easy to commit to your massage ritual with our membership program, which gives you access to special pricing on massages, exclusive monthly gifts, 10 percent off Nourish, Scent & Room by The NOW products, and you can share or roll over unused credits, all with no commitment required.

What we love most about this approach to productivity is that by creating a little bit of structure, and adding a lot of enjoyment, you can optimize your productivity, focus, flow, and wellbeing all at once. NOW & always, that’s a recipe for success and we have all the resources you need to make it a reality.