A step by step guide to the ultimate Dry Brush ritual


Dry Brushing is a powerful way to support your body. At first the exfoliation can feel vigorous but within a few days of brushing we were hooked on the refreshed, energized feeling you experience afterwards.

Incorporating dry brushing as a part of your daily routine is noted for deeper health benefits including; boosted immunity, accelerated lymphatic clearing (and less water retention), daily detoxification and soft glowing skin.

Our custom made Copper Dry Brush, from Nourish by The NOW, amplifies the benefits of dry brushing by adding an additional powerful layer. Copper is a powerful metal that is utilized traditionally for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, it’s highly conductive nature that supports heightened intuition, alignment of the chakras, and our bodies natural self healing systems.

When used as soft copper bristles the friction from brushing creates an abundance of negatively charged electrical ions. Negative ions are the natural charge of nature – it’s why the air feels alive after a big rainstorm. Why does that matter for us? Our daily lives are powered by digital devices that generate unnatural, positively charged electrical ions. These cause our bodies to feel sluggish and dull. Daily copper dry brushing is a highly effective way to counteract the constant exposure to technology and flood our skin with easily absorbable, neutralizing electrical ions. Think of it as your daily digital detox to restore your body to a grounded, nature intended state of being.

We’ve created a step by step ritual to get you started with a daily dry brush routine. Enjoy!

Step 1: Start with dry skin. While you can dry brush anytime of day, we like to exfoliate before our morning shower to get us energized for the day ahead. Alternatively, before an evening bath can be calming to neutralize the exposure to our tech filled day.

Step 2: Starting at your feet, use long, smooth brush strokes always moving up and in toward your heart. Take special care on delicate skin, or skip sensitive areas. Spend a little extra time on joints, cellulite, and anywhere you feel tension or stagnation.

Step 3: Rinse off in a bath or shower. Taking time to soak in the tub will help your body further detox. We like to kick up our bath time with the luxe scent of Olverum Bath Oil or bath salts from Naturopathica. If you prefer a shower, try oscillating the temperature between hot and cold (as much as you can in either extreme). This further boosts your immune and lymphatic system.

Step 4: Pat your skin dry and apply a clean body oil to seal in the benefits and nourish your skin. We love our Peppermint Calm Balm for an extra boost of calm.

Step 5: Repeat daily! You’ll reap the benefits of this powerful ritual and see results quickly.