A stone for all things Love

Rose Quartz – you’ll find it anywhere there are crystals or someone talking about crystals. This soft pink stone is beloved, and for good reason.

Use this crystal to amplify love in all its forms.  Work with it to call in romantic love, or when you want to exude an air of positivity so that your world and daily interactions are filled with kindness.

Rose quartz lets you see and live life with rose colored glasses, and because of that builds up confidence, your intuitive trust muscle, and feelings of connection to the world around you.

At The NOW, we like to harness the energy of Rose Quartz in a few simple ways:  

Meditation: Sit comfortably with rose quartz in your palms, take a moment to look at the soft pink glow of the stone and close your eyes to set a loving intention that you’ll carry in to your meditation. Imagine the soft pink color of the stone in your heart center and hold your intention in your mind as you breathe gently in and out. Sit for a few minutes focusing on your breathing and intention.

Massage: Because it calms your nervous system, massage allows you to be more receptive to the energetic influence of crystals. At our Los Angeles boutiques, our Crystal Therapy Enhancement is created with this in mind. Your massage therapist will place crystals near each chakra that are supportive to that energy center – essentially a tune up to get your energy in alignment. We use rose quartz at the 4th chakra (or heart center) to bring the loving energy of the stone in to this space.

Crystal Water: A beautiful way to charge and nourish your body with love, Rose Quartz water is easy to make. Clear your tumbled (smooth) rose quartz stone with a sage smudge, hold the stone in your palm and set a loving intention, and then place it in a clean glass carafe. Add fresh purified water as you hold your intention in your mind. Let sit for at least ten minutes or up to six hours and then enjoy. You can also use this as a facial mist for a spritz of crystal power on your skin.

Don’t have a Rose Quartz but want to work with this special stone? Visit our online shop or come by your neighborhood boutique to choose from our collection of high quality, responsibly sourced stones.