Our formula for soft, smooth lips

Every aspect of The NOW is carefully curated – from our menu offerings, to the decor inspired by nature and sourced from around the world. We seek to elevate your massage and relaxation experience NOW & Always.

We carry the same thoughtfulness into the signature products we create for Nourish, Scent and Room by The NOW.

In developing our Lip Salve we wanted to design a lip balm that satisfied our high standards for elevated design, clean ingredients, and long lasting results (aka soft, smooth, healthy lips.) It was important that we utilized pure, potent, and effective botanical ingredients. Curious about how each ingredient helped to make the Lip Salve of our dreams a reality? Read on!

Coconut Oil + Jojoba Oil – highly absorbable oils are deeply hydrating, soothing and nourishing

Shea Butter – a natural SPF protects from everyday sun exposure

Vitamin E – known to soften and heal the skin

Peppermint oil – slight plumping + increased circulation

Camu Camu Berry –  high Vitamin C content provides anti-aging and brightening effects

Carrot seed oil – powerful antioxidants provide reparative and healing effects

Ashwagandha – helps to boost collagen production and skin vibrancy

Available in our boutiques or online NOW!