Pre massage prep tips for fall

As the seasons change and summer fades your body needs a reset. Back to school means back to life and we find it the ideal time to undo weeks of damage done from beach, sun and travel. But that doesn’t have to mean a crash diet, juice cleanse or complicated regimen. Giving your body a little extra love will supercharge your natural detox processes for a total reset.

We’ve rounded up our favorite self-care practices for a detox boost that will amplify the benefits of your next massage.

Copper Dry Brushing

The Nourish by The NOW Copper Dry Brush is ideal for a daily digital detox, whole body exfoliation and lymphatic system boost. Perfect for sloughing off leftover self tanner or dry, sun damaged skin. We are addicted to our daily copper dry brushing routine because of how good we feel afterwards, and the super soft skin and reduced appearance of cellulite doesn’t hurt either! 
Try It: During your detox use morning or night pre-bath or shower. Then seal in moisture with our Peppermint Calm Balm or Body Oil.

Infrared Sweat 

Sweating is a powerful way to speed up the detoxification process and infrared sauna’s use FAR infrared heat to safely elevate core body temperature and induce a deeply cleansing sweat session. Known to support weight loss, improve sleep and reduce stress in LA we love Sweattheory, Shape House and HotBox.
Try It: Commit to a consecutive series of visits. Start with a weekly, then maintain with a monthly sweat session. Perfect pre-massage to aid in deeper relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage 

We love how we feel lighter and more balanced after a lymphatic drainage treatment! This service uses top of the line machines to boost circulation, calm the nervous system and detox the body.
Try It: We love Ricari Studio – check out the full menu of treatments suited to every need. For the best support during a detox try the full 90 minute treatment.

H20 + Diet

Don’t forget to up your water intake when detoxing. It’s the simplest and best way to flush toxins and bloat. 
Try It: Aim for at least 3 liters of water each day.

Massage @ The NOW

NOW and Always, massage is the foundation of our wellness regimen because of its broad and beneficial impact on the body. In a relaxed state your body is able to rebuild and repair. This means quicker healing, improved immunity and better digestion.

Try It: Sign up for a series of our STRETCH massage with Deep Tissue enhancement to support your detox regimen or become a member with one of our Ritual packages for member benefits and special perks all year long.