Massage brings balance to the body and mind, but each person has their own specific and unique needs. A great massage therapist, like those at The NOW, takes information from their clients as well as clues from the body to customize the massage experience. Our Enhancement Menu takes customization to the next level with a curated list of wellness and healing modalities. We broke down our menu so you can create your go-to massage when you visit us at any of our boutiques from coast to coast. Still have questions? Ask your Experience Guide upon check-in, and never hesitate to share your goals and needs with your Massage Therapist so they can guide you in the right direction. 

Let’s dive in NOW. First, pick your massage treatment. We offer three types: 

  • The NOW: Our signature, Swedish-inspired massage for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. Start here if you are looking for an all-around massage experience that hits the spot every time.

  • The STRETCH: For the athlete or when your muscles feel tight and stiff. A more active treatment, start here when you’ll enjoy some light-assisted stretching included in your massage.

  • The HEALER: A deeply grounding, energy balancing massage. Start here when you have a racing mind and will enjoy a slower, centering massage treatment.

Next, customize your experience by choosing a combination of enhancements. We suggest combining up to three, depending on your needs: 

  • Gliding Cupping: A Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique that increases circulation and removes stagnation.
  • Prenatal Glow: A prenatal massage for expecting mothers 12+ weeks that includes supportive pillows and while easing muscle tension, improving circulation, and reducing swelling. 

  • Hemp Calm Balm: Our best-selling balm is the go-to enhancement we recommend for every guest. Cooling peppermint, warming capsicum, and healing ashwagandha targets muscles and creates a sense of all-over calm. Available in both Classic and with the added benefits of broad spectrum Hemp! 

  • Fresh Eyes: Counteract late nights, travel, and screen time with our soothing eye mask treatment. Our proprietary formula hydrates, cools, reduces swelling, and gently plumps. 

  • Deep Tissue: When you’ve overused your muscles or need to work out a knot, this therapeutic technique will work deeply in targeted muscles to reduce pain and restore mobility.

  • Gua Sha: A technique from traditional Chinese medicine that lightly brushes targeted muscles with smooth rose quartz tools to release tension, increase circulation, break up knots, and reduce inflammation. 

  • Heat Therapy: Herbal heat packs are placed on the neck and back to calm and ground the nervous system, loosen muscles, and decrease tension – like being hugged in a warm cocoon! 

  • Scalp Renewal: Organic coconut oil is massaged into the scalp to calm a racing mind, nourish dry skin and hair, encourage circulation, and ease tension. 

If you are new to our services, or haven’t done much exploring, try out all the massage types and enhancements until you land on your favorite combination that hits the spot every time. Once you have a go-to ritual, you can add in new elements or change it up depending on what your body and mind need in the moment. Either way, you’ll get the same great massage ritual you’ve come to depend on when you visit us at any location from coast to coast. 

Ready for your reset? Head to our website to book NOW. We’ve got your back, NOW & always.