Our guide to good energy

There are different theories on the origins of Halloween and how we came to celebrate this holiday filled with witches, black cats, costumes and candy. One thing we know for sure at The NOW is, we love any excuse to explore mystical and magical rituals. Living in LA , the epicenter of alternative healing, we have an unlimited number of energy workers, intuitives, healers, shamans and other (admittedly) witchy rituals at our fingertips.

With that in mind, we’re sharing some of our favorite mystical, and sometimes confounding treatments, that we enjoy as a compliment to our consistent massage routine. These NOW approved healers are sure to help you vibrate higher this All Hallows’ Eve and all year round.

Azalea Lee from Place 8 Healing  is a gifted Crystal Healer that shares our love for sparkly minerals. Place 8 is a favorite of The NOW Co-Founder and CCO, Gara Post, who has worked with Azalea for healing treatments as well as sourcing rare, collector quality crystals for The NOW.

Azalea’s unique and powerful treatments use crystals to facilitate energy healing for clients all over the world. Azalea explains “It’s akin to using a tuning fork to reference the correct vibration. Crystal healing is a form of metaphysical energetic healing facilitated by the vibrations in crystals and stones.” Crystals help us “to adjust and attune to energies that support shifts in the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies” and find healing as a result.

Jenna Zoe is an acclaimed Human Design reader – a modality that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere and has quickly gained popularity. Jenna’s readings are incredibly attuned and she says that “Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience, and what karma you came to correct.”

Like turbo-charged astrology, the in-depth Human Design chart is based upon birth time and location. Everyone is assigned one of five different energy types (your Human Design “sign”), which provides basic guidance around how to use their energy in the world. However, everyone’s chart is unique and will provide specific guidance from your work style and  relationships, to diet and even lifestyle.

Mimi Truong of Igzolted Coaching is an Akashic Records expert. What’s that you ask? The Akashic Records are the history of your soul, and reading the records is like stepping into your own personal library where all the books are historical documentation of your past and future lives. Yes, it’s a little esoteric, but we’ve found that getting an Akashic Records reading shifts our perspective and provides guidance anytime we are working through a challenge in our personal or professional lives.

Mimi explains that “Working in and with the Akashic Records helps you connect to your soul’s journey of the past, present and future in order to realize your purpose.  Understanding your individual records empowers you to courageously take steps forward – whether that means overcoming a struggle or simply following your dreams.”

All our experts agree that regular self-care is the foundation for healing, self-knowledge and health. Treat yourself to a reading from one of our experts and then follow it up with a long massage with your favorite therapist at The NOW. As a regular practice, taking time to recharge will help you tap into your magic and intuition so you can share your special gifts with the world this season and beyond.