The NOW Massage Santa Monica, CA


"My favorite place for a local massage they're amazing !!  live thin deep tissue massage the best !!"
— Kristen A. , Santa Monica, CA
"I absolutely love The NOW son so much. Every massage therapist is phenomenal. A membership is absolutely the way to go if you consistently like to get massages (1+ a month). Branka was someone that I specifically made appointments with because she was so warm and made me feel completely at ease. She is just truly  talented. Thank you to the whole staff for helping me create a really powerful ritual in my life."
— Camilla W., Santa Monica, CA
"Love this place. Right from walking in the lobby my head just calms. Service is great and ambiance is fab! Beachside look and feel. Quiet so no therapists chatting with you while you try to relax. Love! "
— Jami M., Santa Monica, CA
"The staff at this location is absolutely delightful. The massage therapist place a strong emphasis on communication and consent , being sure to check in on my pain level. Not to mention, the beautiful ambiance puts you at ease before even laying in the massage bed. I love this place and would give them my last dollar."
— Kennadi D., Santa Monica, CA