The NOW Massage Naperville, IL


"My husband and I went here this weekend and got the 80 min massage with Chris and Amber. They were fantastic! The ambiance of this place makes it feel like you’re on a beach somewhere, and the staff was super professional and sweet. Definitely visiting again!"
— Jordan E., Naperville, IL
"Love this place! I've been twice this year and their massage therapist really do great work. They use various techniques that are different than most massage locations. I love the audio waves and boho decor. My only recommendation is to change the sound effects (thunder, rain, waves, birds, wind, rain forest, etc) and have different selections so people can receive different forms of relaxation via sound. Gives then something new to look forward to by chance upon each visit."
— Nichole D., Naperville, IL
"First time at The NOW and it was an incredible 80 minute massage. The recording of the ocean waves is soooo soothing. Much better than any relaxing music normally played. Javier was a wonderful massage therapist and listened to what I wanted."
— Jana B., Naperville, IL
"Perfection.  Carrie provided an amazing massage. Everyone there has always created such a warm and relaxing environment, and I always feel that I'm a valued customer. This business is a very welcome reminder that it's still possible to provide consistent, excellent service."
— Donna S., Naperville, IL
"Beautiful, very calming and tranquil setting. This place smells amazing when you walk in. I recieved an amazing massage. Everyone I encountered from the receptionist to the massage therapist was very friendly. Treat yourself to an amazing massage."
— Rich P., Naperville, IL
"The experience at The NOW is what sold me on the membership. The ambiance at check in so clean and fresh & calming. Once in the treatment area, I can say good bye to the real world for the next hour+. Carrie is so good at finding problem spots that even I don't know I have & she expertly works through them.  I've recommended the experience to everyone I know. "
— Corinne H., Chicago, IL