Meet Matthew

The NOW’s Development Manager & Massage Therapist Job Training Specialist


What is your favorite enhancement on our menu or modality that we offer?

One of my favorite enhancements at The NOW is the Gua Sha. We were the first to design a Gua Sha tool and service specifically for bodywork, as it was traditionally used for facial massage. The custom rose quartz tools provide guests with a “spa sha” healing experience. 

There are many benefits a massage therapist can offer with Gua Sha such as: reduced stagnation, treating muscle spasms, relieving muscular aches & chronic tension, and increasing circulation. Increasing circulation promotes healing and regeneration of the muscle which is great for recovery.


What is the best perk of Massage Therapist work at The NOW?

First and foremost, being part of an inspiring and supportive team. Another great perk is The NOW’s Massage Therapist Achievement Program. The program encourages you to grow and develop in your career by achieving benchmarks set in each of the four stages. You begin at apprentice level and move up in rank, ultimately reaching Sage. Once completed, each level has a unique perk including; complimentary 50-minute massage, retail discount, free personalized business cards, pay rate increase, and ultimately graduating with a one-week paid vacation!


How is working here different from other Massage Therapist jobs?

The NOW offers an immersive experience that transports you to an oasis of relaxation. The space allows you to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect within, so you can truly be present for your massage service and “in the NOW!” The natural design elements and inspiring aesthetic provide a soothing environment for employees. As a massage therapist, working in this setting is inspiring and transformative. It has a special energy that you won’t see in other massage businesses.


What would you tell other Massage Therapists looking for the right place to work?

I would tell other massage therapists to make sure that their values match those of their employer. A company that is hiring massage therapists and only driven by profit typically forgets a critical piece, and that is you! Finding the right place to work should always start with you and the company you work for, sharing the same core values.


Which product from our Nourish, Scent and Room by The NOW collection is your favorite?

I absolutely love the Nourish by the NOW Hemp collection. The Hemp Calm Balm is crafted with essential oils that are packed with antioxidants and 70 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, CBD being the main ingredient. The combined nourishing and healing benefits of the ashwagandha and capsicum enhance this product, providing relief for chronic aches and pains, and helps to extend that post-massage feeling at home.


Ready to start your journey in wellness? Follow this link to learn more about working at The NOW.