At The NOW, we know there’s nothing like that post massage feeling! Luckily, we have some quick tips to extend the benefits of your treatment. From your diet to simple suggestions to keep knots at bay, our expert massage therapists weigh in on the best ways to maintain your massage, NOW and later.

Eat well:

A healthy diet and balanced lifestyle are important to support the benefits of your massage. Regular massage can improve circulation, help you sleep better, eliminate toxins and boost your energy. Make sure your diet is filled with whole foods and powerful ingredients, like inflammation reducing omega-3s and immunity boosting Vitamin C. Avoiding sugar and caffeine can help double down on those benefits. “When you’re feeling sluggish from your diet, it’s harder to bounce back than if you’re just dealing with normal aches and pains,” says Hektor Rojas, Head of Massage Therapist Recruitment at The NOW. “If you’re eating a healthy diet you’ll feel better physically and your massage will amplify that.” Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! A hydrated body is a happy body.

Get moving:

Regular massage and a consistent workout routine are a powerful combination! In fact, studies have shown that massage can actually accelerate muscle fiber regeneration. Put simply-you recover faster and heal more efficiently. “Massage helps us detoxify and helps facilitate blood flow so that your muscles can recover faster,” says personal trainer and fitness expert Whitney Shannon. “Combining regular massage and working out (with both cardio and strength training) is the perfect collaboration for healing.” Keeping your muscles active through regular exercise and at home stretching keeps you limber and feeling flexible between treatments. 

Address your triggers:

Need a simple trick for working out knots and tension between appointments? Silver Lake Massage Therapist Taylor Hall recommends keeping a pack of tennis balls around as a great quick fix for trouble spots. Simply use your body weight against a wall or floor and roll out any problem areas for quick relief. Using our Gua Sha is also great for improving circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. 

With these easy suggestions, you can keep that NOW feeling going until your next treatment. When it comes to making the most of your massage, we’ve got your back.