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The lymphatic system is key to our daily wellbeing and long term health, but what is it really and how can you optimize its function? Lucky for you (and us), massage is a great place to start!

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

The lymphatic system is a primary part of the immune system and its natural detoxification process.  It produces white blood cells which are responsible for identifying threats such as toxins, infections, and mutated cells.  Lymphatic movement is powered by blood flow, exercise, and direct pressure from massage. Tools like Gua-Sha and Dry Brushing will also ensure healthy daily detoxification.  

How does Massage help with Lymphatic work?

During your massage, a trained massage therapist will apply pressure to specific points on the body, focusing on areas where lymphatic flow may be blocked or sluggish. The massage may include gentle strokes, circular movements, and other techniques to stimulate lymph flow and help the body eliminate waste and toxins.

How Can I Support a Detox?

First, start by minimizing exposure to toxins by eating whole foods and removing toxic cleaning products from your home.  Make sure your beauty products are clean as well, like the ones we create for Nourish by The NOW.

Second, support lymphatic movement through consistent exercise. Yoga, or your preferred exercise that increases your heart rate will move and flush lymphatic waste from the body.

Third, daily dry brushing and an at home Gua Sha ritual are all highly effective ways to optimize lymphatic function.

Gliding Cupping Enhancement - The NOW Massage

How Does Massage Support a Healthy Detox?

The pressure of massage helps cells release toxins and pushes fluid through the lymphatic channels so waste can easily flush out. To amplify the benefits of massage add on our Gua Sha enhancement for targeted pressure and to clear blocked energy. Drinking water post massage to support this process of detox. 

How Does Gliding Cupping Support Lymphatic Drainage?

During your Gliding Cupping enhancement a massage therapist will move/glide the cups along specific muscle fibers to release tension and to help improve circulation and blood flow. Discoloration may occur in areas where there is stagnation and where pressure is applied during the suction massage. 

What Can I do Post Massage to Support Lymphatic Drainage? 

Dry Brushing increases overall circulation in the body and can be an effective way to wake up your lymphatic system. Similarly, Gua Sha is especially effective at targeting trouble areas to increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and accelerate healing. Practiced daily, Dry Brushing and Gua Sha have the potential to help decrease bloat, reduce cellulite, increase energy, and relieve pain.

Incorporate these simple changes into your life and make clearing your system a daily priority – you’ll not only feel the benefits but you’ll be able to see them as well!

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