Powerful healing at home

At The NOW, we love to start off a restorative massage with a few quiet moments reflecting in front of our custom crystal grids (and sometimes taking a selfie or two). Taking time to focus before a treatment can help quiet your mind and deepen relaxation, as well as inspire some powerful manifestation for future goals. We believe in the transformative power of crystals so much, we turned the creation of our boutique crystal grids into a team building ritual! Working with energy healer Bo Barnes, our team comes together to carefully choose and design a grid for each location with a specific intention in mind. We completed each installation with a cleansing ritual to seal in good intentions and clear out stagnant energy. 

Crystal grids aren’t just an essential feature of our boutiques, they’re actually something you can make at home too! According to Barnes, “The most important part of a grid is the energy behind it. I love using them to set an intention in “stone,” and get the energy moving fast and in the intended direction.”

Because we’re all about helping you stay present and bring The NOW ethos into your daily life, we want to show you how to make a crystal grid of your own with stones that have special meaning to you: 

Start with an intention:

When creating a crystal grid, setting intentions is the key! Your intention can be anything meaningful to you. You might choose a grid that focuses on success and prosperity, on health and wellness, or on bringing love and romance into your life. Don’t be afraid to get specific! Whatever you choose, write your intention down and sit with it in meditation for a while. 

Choose your crystals:  

Once you know what you’re looking to manifest, it’s time to choose your crystals (aka, the fun part). Choose stones that align with your intention. Using crystals of multiple sizes, types, and properties can magnify their effects, which is why grids are so powerful. 

If you’re new to crystal healing, judging by color can be a helpful way to start. Green and gold crystals relate to money, red and pink correspond to love and affection, while purple and orange are great for bringing in luck and creativity. Most importantly, trust your intuition. If a particular crystal speaks to you, use it! Note that you’ll need a “master crystal” to place in the center and conduct the energy of the grid. While any stones that speak to you will work, Barnes loves using Clear Quartz, noting that “it symbolizes stillness, clarity, and strength. While it is one of the most common varieties, it is one of my favorites and I believe one of the most powerful.” 

Get in shape: 

Crystal grids combine the power of crystal healing with sacred geometry. The shape and arrangement of your grid will help amplify your outcome. For example, square grids are great for establishing boundaries, while circular grids are more appropriate for receiving energy. Research a shape that resonates with you, and place your stones on a pattern, cloth, or simply on a surface. To charge your grid, speak your intention out loud. That’s it! You’ve created a space you can return to whenever you need a quiet moment of meditation and inspiration. 

From inviting prosperity to achieving peace of mind, there’s a crystal grid you can design to reflect your intention. NOW that you know how to create your own, enjoy the power of crystal healing energy every day.