The NOW Massage West Hollywood, CA


"I came here a while back with a gift card. The place is super cute with that trendy hipster desert vibe that everyone seems to love these days. I signed up for the crown massage because I always have stiffness in my neck/shoulders. I was surprised when I ended up getting a full body massage. I totally thought it would just be my upper body/shoulder area but she ended up doing my whole body. The massage itself was good but not amazing. The massage therapist offered to do a longer massage for me but I declined because I was pressed for time. I wouldn't come back especially since this place is really out of the way for me."
— Diana I., Torrence, CA
"I've had probably 50 massages in my life. I've had cheap and expensive, good, bad, and even terrible. The massage I just got from Kentrell at The NOW was the best in my life. By the time I left I felt like I was on something. Whatever he did was absolutely amazing. Highly recommended!!"
— Matt B., Los Angeles, CA
"Wonderful! Vibes are immaculate, front desk is nice. I've came here about 4 times , but this last time was hands down the best I finally found my perfect massage therapist. The crashing waves, the weary bed, the dark lighting so you can totally block everything out.  Awzuan was amazing , I'm a new member and was the best  decision. I just left and I already can't wait for next month!"
— Briana M., Los Angeles, CA
"I just had an 80 minutes of prenatal glow The NOW package at West Hollywood with the amazing Theresa. It was the Best massage I’ve ever had! I highly recommend her, she is very professional and I can’t wait to go back! "
— Sabine G., Los Angeles, CA
"Anye and Mark were so helpful and gave me much relief on pain in my back. I didn’t expect the massage to bring me such comfort! Thank you!"
— Teddy H., Los Angeles, CA
"We really love The NOW and usually treat ourselves to massages here once a quarter or every other month. The CBD add on is well worth the money and prices overall are so reasonable. One note though is that if you get Oscar as your therapist, he tends to do more of a style of massage that’s really hard on your tensed up spots. So if you want more of a relaxing massage with not a lot of pressure, request another therapist."
— Kirsten A., Los Angeles, CA