The NOW Massage Tivoli Village, NV


"The NOW is the best for a massage. The only reason I'm knocking it a star is because not every massage therapist gave me exactly what I was looking for. It took awhile but I finally found the perfect one! They offer different types of massages to fit your needs."
— Alyssa S., Las Vegas, NV
"If you haven't tried The NOW, you need to. Evelyn was awesome. Very intune with knowing when to apply more pressure or less. I decided to treat myself to a monthly massage - sometimes for a specific ache or pain, improved circulation or just to relax. I always leave looking forward to my next massage.  Thank you."
— Marc K., Las Vegas, NV
"Love the clean, spa feel of the place and the sound of waves/water instead of music. Staff is very friendly. Massage therapist, Eli is absolutely amazing! Highly recommend."
— Anissa G., Las Vegas, NV
"Patty and Juliette were superb. I had a horrific July, however; coming in today, getting the healer massage was all that I prayed for and will keep on my budget. I am making better investments in me. God bless all at The NOW Boutique especially the Summerlin location."
— Ms. Simone, Las Vegas, NV
"Excellent. I came here as a gift from my MIL. Alfeo is professional, go to him if he has a free slot. I’m a nurse and my back is always in knots- if I lived here, I’d be coming here regularly. Thank you, Alfeo!"
— Lela S., Las Vegas, NV
"The staff at The NOW is amazing. I feel comfortable with them and haven't at other place, I will keep going back. The place is nice and relaxed. Catherine is wonderful and my life has been better since I met her. 🙂 You will regret not trying them out. You have tried other go here and experience the best!"
— Brando S., Las Vegas, NV