The NOW Massage Plantation, FL


"Very relaxing ambience with aromatherapy. It feels like your floating in the ocean while listening the waves. Cozy customer service as well. I definitely had an extraordinary experience :D"
— Leonardo S., Plantation, FL
"Massage was easy and convenient to book. In the new Plantation walk where there’s lots to do! Great ambiance. I did the now classic with heat therapy and my massage therapist was Ace. I’ve gotten quite a few massages in the last ten years and I have back and neck issues from sports that I get injections for now. Absolutely phenomenal job, very intuitive and relaxing! I feel amazing! Thanks again!"
— Chelsea B., Plantation, FL
"Absolutely stunning atmosphere and quality massage!!!!!! 5 stars !!!!!! Great staff!!!!"
— Courtney B., Plantation, FL
"Excellent employees, a peaceful environment, and great service! You truly couldn’t ask for anything better!"
— Emily G., Plantation, FL
"What a Beautiful and Relaxing experience! I had the Healer massage and OMG! I honestly felt like I was floating during the massage!! The front desk is so welcoming and my therapist was beyond thoughtful asking me about all the areas I want to focus on and avoid. Literally, don’t even think about it, book your massage like right NOW! And thank me later. :)"
— Vivian E., Plantation, FL
"From the moment I walked in the staff was warm and welcoming. The atmosphere is beautiful and it is very clean. The therapist asked questions and gave information to make sure that I'd have the best experience during the massage. The massage itself was fantastic, I felt like a new person once it was finished. I would definitely go back."
— Latisha M., Plantation, FL