The NOW Massage Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"I have been looking for a good spa for massage in Fort Lauderdale forever! Maybe my bar is set too high.. search no more! Great place amazing experience great massage - loved the design and the sounds of the waves in the background …. Signed up as a member! Parking was validated (FYI) 5 star experience ! I would give them 6 stars if google had 6!"
— Rami R., Fort Lauderdale, FL
"So, I recently checked out this massage boutique and it was amazing! From the moment I walked in, I felt relaxed and welcomed. The staff was super friendly and made sure I was comfortable before the massage even started. And the massage itself was incredible! The therapist was very skilled, I left feeling like a brand new person when it was done! Overall, I would totally recommend this massage place to anyone who's in need of some serious relaxation."
— Sebastian T., Fort Lauderdale, FL
"I found this place last minute for my bf and I's anniversary weekend and let me tell you I am SOOO HERE FOR IT!! I will undoubtedly be back. From booking the appointment to checking out after the massage it was a smooth process. Everyone was warm and welcoming. It didn't even feel like Miami (I am local). Whenever you try something new, it might seem too good to be true but I'm so happy I gave them a chance. Loved, loved, loved everything about it and so did my bf!! Thank you NOW massage for making our experience amazing and getting us refreshed for our work week. YOU GUYS WILL NOT REGRET IT & no where else beats the price!"
— Tania O., Miami, FL
"What a unique experience. Most spas are not always the quietest of places . The natural sounds and ambiance of the Now really allow you to be in the present without distractions . I've been a massage therapist for 20 years working in the spa industry , the Now is a refreshing approach . The massage I had by Roman was the best I've had in many years . He was intuitive, deep and gentle . As a therapist myself I'm always searching for the best .. glad to have found the NOW. I signed up upon my first visit!"
— Ben Y., Cincinnati, OH
"From the moment you walk in you feel instantly relaxed. Front desk staff are so genuinely warm, helpful, and friendly, they always have great suggestions. All the therapists I've had have been excellent, recently I was with Kara and she was perfect! Had the right amount of pressure, checked in with me when appropriate I feel so relaxed now. I look forward to this every month and it never disappoints!"
— Lisbeth A., Oakland Park, FL
"The NOW massage, is very relaxing. The essential oils make you feel at home. I enjoyed the aesthetics of this place. Staff was welcoming and made you feel as comfortable as possible. It is important to speak low as it is a quiet zone once you enter."
— Nicole B., Las Vegas, NV