The NOW Massage Cherry Creek, CO


"I've become a massage connoisseur over the years and this place is definitely ranked high in my book! The ambiance is relaxing and cozy, and really puts you in the right mind set. I had Rachel and she was great! Once I was called back, we sat in a little nook and we talked about any injuries I had, the level of pressure is like, etc. As we walked back, it was quiet with the sound of waves almost mimicking a beach like setting. I had a 50 minute now experience with an added scalp renewal. The whole time I was hoping it wouldn't end! I'm so excited to book with them again!"
— Alex S., Denver, CO
"Jayme was great he listened to my instructions and we collaborated on one remarkable session. I always enjoy a therapist that listens to their clients and doesn’t ignore any and all reasonable requests. Thank you Jayme great session sadly I missed you before I left to thank you in person."
— Daniel G. , Denver, CO
"Very unique and relaxing experience! One of the best massages I have gotten in Denver. The ambiance is amazing, transports you to a night in the beach as you get your massage on a heated bed to the sounds of the ocean. The time of the massage is accurate, I got a full 80 minutes of a great relaxing massage with amazing herbal heat therapy! Will definitely be coming back!!"
— Zuleika U., Denver, CO
"Took the hubs here for surprise massages a few weeks ago, and The NOW delivered the experience. It's very rustic and open concept, not what i am particularly used to when going for a massage.  We really enjoyed it though. It felt very viking-esque with the drapes, music and fur blankets which definitely created a different mood. I'd recommend the salon for sure!"
— Heidi M. , Thorton, CO
"As soon as you’re walked back to the rooms it feels like you’re transported to another place, it’s dim, warm, and the sounds of waves calm you immediately. Sky was fantastic, the best massage I’ve ever had! Her pressure was perfect and she checked in to make sure it was! Left feeling beyond relaxed! Highly recommend!"
— Karissa H., Denver, CO
"Yes please!! This spot checks all the boxes for me - zen ambiance, incredible massage and convenient location. I immediately signed up for their membership after my massage which is such an incredible deal. So glad I finally gave them a try!!! Ryan gave the best massage I’ve had in Denver since my favorite massage therapist moved in 2020. Crazy thankful."
— Jo, Denver, CO
"Wonderful place and people with a great atmosphere! I will be going back!"
— Matthew Eiser, Denver, CO
"Amazing people! Amazing massage!! The ambiance + everything else wow. Would highly recommend people to come check it out. I'll definitely be back soon."
— Michael Williams, Denver, CO
"Absolutely awesome experience. The staff are very friendly, professional, and informative. The ambience during the massage was amazing and my therapist was very professional and awesome. I left feeling very refreshed and ready to tackle a long week of skiing."
— Jackson McCausland, Cherry Creek, CO
"This place is amazing. I seriously left like I was floating on a cloud. The aesthetic is a beautiful beachy-boho atmosphere! The sound of waves during my massage had me so relaxed I almost fell asleep! I even bought a candle because I want my home to smell just like this haven of tranquility! Will be back monthly."
— Addie P, Cherry Creek, CO
"This place blew me away! I saw pictures of it online but nothing compares to experiencing it in person. My massage therapist was Andy and he was phenomenal at deep tissue. He was extremely gracious and compassionate which is what we need more of in times like these. I love their enhancements too! I will definitely be back."
— Jessica A, Denver, CO