The NOW Massage Brier Creek, NC


"The minute you walk into The NOW you just feel relaxed. The ambiance is awesome and it smells great, it is as if you were at a tropical resort. You are greeted with kind smiles. The staff is very friendly, attentive, and accommodating. The massage therapist do a wonderful job. You will leave feeling refreshed, restored, rejuvenated, and renewed. Amazing experience all around and now part of my regular self care routine!! "
— Rithul S., Raleigh, NC
"Wow this place is clean and very boho chic. Not a super comfy lobby, limited places to sit, but you're only there for a couple mins, and it IS beautiful. I had my massage with Tierra, who was attentive to my requests and gave a great massage. The massage area is absolutely beautiful and very relaxing. BUT, my only complaint is that the massage areas aren't private rooms, they are all in one room with thick burlap sheets in between them. They use white sound machines, but halfway through my massage another client had their massage started in the area next to mine, and it felt like people were having a full conversation right there next to my head in the room with me. It was very off putting. But after they got started it was no longer an issue, so it did not ruin the experience!"
— Lexie A., Durham, NC
"I was lucky enough to get an appointment at The NOW's Brier Creek location. Let's start with the ambiance, the smell from their signature candle hits you with a nice subtle lavender smell as soon as you walk in. Everything from the chairs they have to sit in while you wait to the immaculate modern bathrooms were just the right touch. The greeting from the staff was cheerful and welcoming. I got a deep tissue massage with the calming hemp lotion. And ... the most important part I got Ellie. She was INCREDIBLE. I don't find a lot of people that can hit the stuff I need. But she did. I felt and still feel great. I will definitely be getting a membership. Five stars isn't enough. This was an amazing experience."
— Clint W. , Eden, NC
"Great experience with Lori.  Staff is very pleasant. Got a membership for twice a month and so look forward to every appointment."
— Phyllid W., Raleigh, NC
"The NOW Massage in Brier Creek is a magical place that transports me to wellness and calmness. I am a founding member and go twice a month (sometimes more). I have had a number of different massage therapists and have found the one for me. Whatever you like you will find it here. Each therapist is skilled, professional, friendly, and will put you at ease. I have found that trying different therapists and communicating your needs will help you see what you like and connect with one or more therapists moving forward. Also to note is the outstanding staff and welcoming atmosphere. I am so grateful that I have carved out this time to practice self care and I wholeheartedly recommend The NOW Brier Creek."
— Jai V., Raleigh, NC
"Literally the BEST massage I’ve ever had!! The NOW is absolutely beautiful and clean. The ambiance and vibe is so relaxing. I was completely in zen mode and didn’t want the massage to end. The membership is SO worth it and I can’t wait to come back!! I will never go any place else. The therapist was kind, knowledgeable, professional and incredibly skilled. The front desk girls that were helping me were so sweet and explained everything to me. I’m so happy I found this place. Thank you so much!!"
— Nicole M. , Raleigh, NC