Better sleep, simplified

Whether you’ve heard the term sleep hygiene or not, you know that sleep is important and you probably aren’t getting enough. Between busy schedules, travel and too much screen time, getting enough rest to properly recharge can be a major challenge. Studies have linked lack of sleep to weight gain, anxiety and memory problems. Unfortunately, research has also found that 75% of us have regular trouble sleeping. It’s clear that cleaning up your sleep act is worthy of your attention, dedicating yourself to a bedtime routine NOW might be the best place to start.

We understand that committing to 8 hours every night might not be immediately possible, but the next best thing is optimizing the sleep you are getting. No matter what time you get in bed, below are some simple changes and tweaks to your bedtime routine that will help your body transition to sleep mode. 

  1. Turn Off Your Devices: Blue light is a wavelength of natural light that is strongest in the middle of the day and signals to our brains that it is time to be active (as compared to the warm red glow of sunrise and sunset). Digital devices strongly emit this light frequency, so shut your devices off an hour before bed, turn on “night shift” prior to that, or use blue light blocking glasses.
  2. Take a Moment for Gratitude: At The NOW, we consistently return to gratitude as the guide and anchor in our lives. A nightly gratitude list with three things we appreciate from the day is a great way to ease your mind and reflect on the day no matter the challenges you face. 
  3. Create a Ritual: Creating a bedtime ritual helps you shift gears – it doesn’t have to be much to make a big impact on your sleep quality.
  • Prepare a cup of warm herbal tea and hop into bed. Use a few drops of our Classic Body Oil on your neck or anywhere that feels tight-this will help release tension and have a calming effect on your thoughts.
  • Next, place our Herbal Silk Wrap around your neck. (For a soothing dose of heat therapy, pop it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes first). Inhale five deep breaths – the energetically cleansing and aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender, chamomile and sage will travel straight to your scent receptors and ease your brain into a restful state.
  • Lastly, turn off the lights and enjoy a night of deep, sweet sleep.