Feel better faster

Making it through the month of December is always an accomplishment. Parties, work events and shopping for everyone on your list can take down even the greatest Type A overachiever. Factor in holiday travel, and it’s easy to see how the most wonderful time of the year can quickly turn into the most stressful season ever. Fear not—as always, we’ve got your back! 

Check out our go-to list of tried and true recovery tips for making it through everything from that wild New Years Eve blowout to a Transatlantic trip. Recover faster NOW, thank us later. 

The Healing Power of Massage

Massage has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation on a cellular level. Booking an 80 minute “Stretch” massage at The NOW is perfect for your post party or travel recuperation plan. This sports inspired treatment stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, improves range of motion and can help reduce recovery time. Boost your experience by choosing the right enhancement. Our Gua Sha enhancement can help target muscle aches and soreness, while Herbal Heat Therapy is great for decreasing body tension and easing stress. Our Fresh Eyes enhancement is ideal for post flight puffiness and treating those dark undereye circles. Layer one or two enhancements depending on your needs.

Drink Your Vitamins

The right foods can be a miracle cure. Mixed properly you can heal your body faster by choosing ingredients that replenish your body and soothe your weary soul. It’s no wonder that we’ve all become addicted to our high performance blenders—there’s a smoothie recipe for all that ails you! Inflammation, dehydration and exhaustion are just some of the typical challenges you can tackle with a carefully crafted drink. Real Nutrition founder and licensed nutritionist Amy Shapiro says that the key to beating a hangover is not just about hydration, but replenishing B vitamins and balancing your blood sugar. For an ideal recovery smoothie, Amy recommends combining hydrating coconut water, antioxidant packed banana and blueberries, Omega-3 rich Chia or Hemp seeds, a scoop of collagen or plant based protein powder and a dash of fresh mint and lemon to taste. Amy also recommends keeping frozen berries in the fridge and making your smoothie ahead of time, so you have less work to do (and more time to sleep in the next morning). 

Nurse on Demand

When there is no time for downtime a recent trend in cities like Los Angeles and New York has been to have an IV drip delivered to your doorstep. Companies like Infuse Wellness, which we’ve tried here in LA, will send a registered nurse to your home equipped with a saline treatment filled with electrolytes and vitamins like B12, calcium, and magnesium. “Vitamins that you take orally don’t get fully absorbed by your system, whereas you get the maximum benefits of them when administered through an IV,” says Dr. Cory Waldman, Infuse Wellness’ Medical Director. “You get the benefits faster to wipe out any sense of a hangover and save the day.” 

Run and Relax

Finally, never underestimate the healing power of endorphins. Sometimes a good run or hike is all you need to get a much needed mental boost, follow up your workout with a soak in a hot tub, a few pumps of Nourish by The NOW’s Classic Body Oil, with its soothing aromatherapeutic benefits, is perfect for clearing your head and getting you back in the game. Don’t beat yourself up about falling off track or indulging too much this season, it’s all about the comeback. Relax, recharge and recover with us NOW & Always.