Binu Binu Korean Scrub Mitt


Binu means “soap” in Korean, and the Binu Binu line of modern, elevated products are an ode to the Korean bath house ritual.  

"Seshin" is the traditional Korean body scrub experience, and the inspiration for Binu Binu's Seshin Korean Scrub Mitt. An updated take, this mitt is made with plant fiber and an understated, elegant design. Used regularly it removes dead skin and activates circulation for all over, soft to the touch glowing skin. 

Use at home and make a ritual out of your daily cleansing routine NOW. 

Dimensions:  6" x 9"

Directions: Soften skin in a shower, bath or wet sauna and then cleanse the body all over with soap and water. Wet mitt and massage the skin starting at your feet and working upwards, with gentle pressure on sensitive areas. Rinse body and then apply body oil to damp skin to seal in the moisture. Clean mitt by rinsing and then hang to dry. Suggested use 1-2 times each week or as needed. 

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