Private chef, TV personality, Autor

The NOW West Hollywood

How do you stay in the NOW?

Exercise is really important to me and I’ve recently been obsessed with F45 Training. It helps me stay centered and focused throughout the day.

What is your favorite local spot near your neighborhood boutique?

I love the shrimp tostada from Petty Cash LA, and when I’m in the mood I top it off with one of their famous margaritas.

What is your go-to treatment at The NOW?

The NOW 50 minute Deep Tissue Massage!

Favorite product?

The Calm Balm which is made with all clean, natural ingredients just like my recipes.

Favorite pre massage activity?

I often hike Runyon Canyon with my pups Jack + Bo, drop them off at Pourlapooch for a bath and pop right into The NOW for a little reset.