Deep healing and relaxation NOW

Every enhancement on our menu is thoughtfully considered before making the cut. We want each offering to have a real impact and elevate your experience and the healing benefits of your massage treatment, which is why we are excited to introduce Gua Sha to the menu!

A therapeutic body care technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Gua Sha has recently gained popularity for use in facials because of its rejuvenating effects but here at The NOW we’ve incorporated it into our menu in its traditional function: body care.  

Similar to “cupping”, which drew attention when the 2016 US Olympic Swim team showed up to compete with red “cupping” circles on their body, Gua Sha can leave red marks on the skin for a week or more.

We asked Carolyn Barron, the beloved LA based Chinese medical physician + licensed acupuncturist of Botanarchy, to fill us in on what to expect from a Gua Sha treatment and the red marks that occasionally result:

“The Sha in ‘Gua Sha’ is actually the name of the infamous purple and red marks that may arise during and after treatment. Often appearing as red stripes or red marks, these Sha marks are the therapeutic goal of treatment, signifying an unblocking of qi or energy, invigorating the area with fresh flow of qi, and relieving aches, pains, stiffness and fatigue. The Sha are a healthy response that actually stimulate the body’s innate immune system and anti-inflammatory cascade, typically fading in a few days.”

Enhancing your massage with Gua Sha will allow your massage therapist to provide focused treatment on areas that are especially tight and tense. The result is next level recovery and full body relaxation.  We use Rose Quartz tools to further elevate the experience with their positive energy benefits including unconditional love and healing.

Add on Gua Sha to your next service to ease muscle and stress tension in tight spots, increase circulation and experience a deeper restorative massage NOW.