The lift you need for bright, smooth eyes

Our philosophy at The NOW is to make scheduling self-care simple and accessible so everyone can benefit from regular massage and incorporate it into their regular routine.

Although we all aspire to live a clean life with a solid nights sleep, plenty of water, exercise and healthy food, we see how our busy, fast paced lives can lead to lots of travel, sleepless nights, caffeine, alcohol and other environmental triggers that leave us feeling and looking run down.

The first sign of a lagging self-care routine? Dark under eye circles.

Not to worry, we’ve got your back NOW & Always. The Fresh Eyes enhancement was created so that you can multitask your massage and turn it into a two-in-one beauty sesh.

When resting in a comfortable face up position on the table, your massage therapist will place Fresh Eyes patches under your eyes and proceed with your treatment. Emerge 50 minutes later looking and feeling rested and recharged.

The cool, soothing Fresh Eyes formula is created to hydrate and tone dry skin, lessen fine lines, reduce puffiness, decrease discoloration and improve blood flow. You’ll receive a powerful dose of protective antioxidants, nourishing peptides and botanicals, and potent anti-inflammatories for a lasting impact.

Add this enhancement to your next NOW service after a long flight, before a special event, or the next time you need to multitask your self-care ritual.