Why Acupuncture + Cupping?

 “Alignment of mind, body, and spirit, can awaken the body’s innate capacity to heal”

The NOW was designed as an oasis to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect within. Our goal has always been to revolutionize the wellness industry with our highly-curated design and customizable massage menu at accessible prices. With boutiques open coast to coast, we aim to improve on that promise by bringing the next selection of service offerings to our guests. 

Introducing Acupuncture + Cupping Therapy.

We believe in the transformative benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and understand that like massage, consistent treatment can help manage anxiety, pain, sleeplessness and many of today’s daily stressors. 

Acupuncture is recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to be proven effective for the treatment of 100 conditions.

All practitioners at The NOW are licensed acupuncturists skilled in the art of Chinese medicine with specialties in: Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Women’s Issues, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Insomnia + Sleep issues and Emotional Issues.

Acupuncture + Cupping Therapy, Yin and Yang 

Acupuncture functions by exerting a force into the body while cupping therapy is about extracting a force outward from the body. After creating an internal physiological shift through acupuncture, cupping supports the release of what has been taxing the body by moving it to the surface. These East Asian modalities are a yin yang pair.

For over thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has incorporated massage with acupuncture and cupping to release tension and alleviate pain. The benefits of these modalities are amplified with the gentle opening of tissues that massage provides. 

For deep healing, book a soothing massage before or after your acupuncture treatment.

What to Expect During Your Service

Tiny needles (thinner than a human hair) are inserted carefully into key points on the body. During treatment, guests experience slight tingling, deep relaxation, warmth, muscle relaxation, and a sensation of floating. 

Benefits include: Pain relief, Stress Reduction, Tension Release, Immune System Support, Athletic Recovery, Lymphatic Drainage, Clears Toxins, Can Boost Metabolism.

Experience Holistic Healing with regular Acupuncture + Cupping sessions NOW